Steel Frame Garden Rooms.

Steel framed buildings, for a wide range of purposes such as garden rooms, offices, leisure facilities, home bars… anything you can think of!

Create your perfect garden with composite decking.

Environmentally friendly and low maintenance, composite decking is the perfect choice for your dream garden.

Composite Fencing.

Composite fencing is a low-maintenance, modern way to update the boundaries of your garden. It won’t rot, splinter or warp like traditional fencing and it doesn’t require annual staining or painting.

Plastic Lumber.

Made in Wales, out of 100% recycled plastic waste. It can be used in place of timber for multitude of uses. It won’t warp, rot, splinter or split and it requires little to no mainenance. It’s a win for you and a win for the planet!

Why Composite?


Composite products are the more environmentally friendly choice for your garden, made of recycled wood and plastic materials from industrial and consumer waste.

Unlike traditional timber products, composite cladding, decking and fencing doesn’t require yearly maintenance with sealants or stains, again helping reduce the environmental impact by reducing chemicals leeching into the ground.

Composite products don’t rot, splinter or warp, they also do not attract insects or pests. It is resistant to mould and easy to install meaning even a component DIY’er can achieve a stunning, low maintenance garden! Check out our FAQs for more information.


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