100% recycled Plastic Lumber.

Made in the UK from plastic bottles and cartons, plastic lumber is an eco-friendly, maintenance alternative to traditional lumber

A smart investment

Plastic lumber is a investment that will ultimately save you money in the long run. Unlike timber, plastic lumber doesn’t need any maintenance, staining, painting or treatment

It is weather resistant, fast drying and doesn’t harbour the growth of moss, lichen or algae. Due to its natural texture, it prohibits the collection of water, ice and frost, making it great for walkways.

Wherever you would use traditional timber, you can use plastic lumber.




Bespoke Frame


Why Plastic Lumber

Plastic Lumber vs Timber Lumber.

Environmentally Friendly

Every tonne of plastic lumber produced save 2.5 trees being cut down, 700kg of carbon from landfill or incineration and reprocesses 25,000 single use plastic packages.

Water & weather resistant

Unlike timber, plastic lumber doesn’t allow moisture to penetrate, meaning it won’t rot, warp or splinter. It is resistant to algae and lichen, too.

Low maintenance

Platic lumber requires no treatment, staining or sealing, meaning no chemicals leeching into the surrounding areas. There’s no need to paint and our products have a 30+ year life expectancy

Reduced Lifetime Expense

 Offers a financial advantage as it requires no maintenance or preservatives during its lifetime.

Unmatched Durability

extremely durable material that lasts indefinitely, demonstrating an unmatched cost-benefit ratio.

No maintenance

No sanding, sealing or staining required

30 year life expectancy

With no potential to rot or degrade in weather, plastic lumber has a life expectancy of 30 years

Jet Washable

Unlike tradtional timber you can safley jet wash plastic lumber

Made from 100% recycled plastic

For every tonne of mixed plastic material we receive, one tonne of plastic lumber is manufactured.