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Artificial Grass (4m width) – ONLY £19.50 m2!

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35mm Quality artificial grass - 4 metres wide, sold per metre length. Get in touch if you need help selecting the right amount!

Artificial grass is a great way to keep your garden looking luscious and green all year round and is the perfect way to compliment our Composite Decking. With minimal maintenance, but a beautiful finish, you can ensure your garden will be the envy of your neighbours!

You can be sure that the length of this grass ensures a natural look and feel, whilst maintaining it’s “minimal effort” appeal.

Artificial grass is easy to install, just follow these simple steps!

  • Step 1: Clear the area! Remove any weeds/plants and lay a hardcore or sand sub-base.
  • Step 2: Level the ground, lightly compacting as you go. Why not use our Weed Control Fabric?
  • Step 3: Roll your artificial grass out on the area, starting from one corner of the area you’re covering.
  • Step 4: Cut off any excess artificial grass.
  • Step 5: Peel back any adjoining edges between cuts and lay Self Adhesive Tape under both sections.
  • Step 6: Fold the edges back over and tread/ruffle to hide where the grass joins.
  • Step 7: Spread sand and brush into the pile.
  • Step 8: Your artificial lawn is now ready to use!

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